20 lessons I have learned

  1. Everyone has stress. They go through something everyday.
  2. Follow your dreams and you’ll be smiling.
  3. The less you give a damn the happier you will be.
  4. Be there for yourself, trust only yourself.
  5. All that glitter is not gold, honey!!
  6. Money can never buy happiness.
  7. Never compare yourself to others, look down you and see what people are suffering and going through.
  8. Smile, SMile and just Smile, it pisses people off.!!
  9. Friends always come and go.
  10. Yoga is the best exercise to calm your nerves.
  11. Successfull people move their energy differently.
  12. Nobody’s perfect.
  13. Have faith, think positively.
  14. Never ever say in your life that you are nervous.
  15. Be there for your loved ones always.
  16. Never be the person you are not. Be yourself.
  17. Think before you say anything.
  18. Forgive people, it makes you feel lighter, but do not trust them again.
  19. Give respect and get respect
  20. Love yourself, love what you do. Always try to help.

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