Boredom sucks..!! No i don’t think so…

If boredom sucked how would you come up with all these creative ideas to do something. Point is because of boredom you have all these creative talents. If you were never bored in your life then you haven’t experienced excitement in your life. I am not saying die of boredom. Study also shows that if you really have high levels of boredom you have higher risks of heart disease and stroke.

When someone is bored they listen to music, they play an instrument, they draw art works, they write journals, they eat, they hangout, they get fresh air, they think about themselves, they workout, they socialize.. and etc

Main point is there’s a whole lot of things you do when your bored.

What do you do when you are bored..??

Anyways just watch this video, Hope you like it..:D


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