Infused Water

Hello, friends!I am a very big fan of infused water and I am going to talk about the health benefits of infused waters, especially the nutritional value of each recipe. The truth is that the main health benefit of infused waters is HYDRATION. While you do gain some nutrition from each infused fruit, you do not ingest the same fiber, nutrients, and vitamins as you would when blending fruits/veggies and drinking them.

In addition, measuring the exact nutritional density of infused waters is also difficult because of how long, at what temperature, and in what amount of water you infuse your ingredients.

That being said, please don’t dismiss infused waters simply because they are not vitamin powerhouses. Hydration is absolutely critical to healthy functioning of your body and brain! Drinking ample water on a daily basis helps to:

  • Transport nutrients and oxygen
  • Protect your organs and keeps them functioning optimally
  • Keep your skin looking young and soft
  • Regulate body temperature (important for staying warm during winter)
  • Counter dehydration from coffee, alcohol, medications, and exercise
  • Lubricate joints
  • Energize muscles
  • Keep your bowel movements regular
  • Make you to feel full (and lose weight)
  • Think more clearly

What makes infused waters so great is that you are supplying your body with pure water that has been slightly flavored by fresh fruits and herbs, both of which naturally contain water! Infused waters are superior to “vitamin waters” that are made with artificial coloring and chemical vitamins and, of course, far superior to diet sodas that are loaded with caramel coloring and aspartame. Infused waters are also great for those of us who get bored of plain water, which sounds spoiled to say, but does happen if you are committed to drinking a lot of water every day.

My point is start taking infused water!!!, its great for your health.<3


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