Memories in Flashback

Hey friends..hope all of you are smiling and feeling wonderful. So here I am again sharing my thoughts and some of my words. This poem doesn’t have a title,  so I need your help naming it. And this poem, I actually wrote when one of my friend was mad at me, and I sent it to them, happiness is they loved it.❤🌹So let me know your thoughts about it…I’d love to know your opinion.

It’s the End of the day
Starting to be a New day
We can’t be normal, we can’t be the same,
I feel some kind of pain
It’s ok, I’m not forcing
But we’ve been fighting
You wanna change, go ahead and change,
It’s your life, it’s your right,
But expect me not to change
It kills me somewhere inside
By realizing that,
I can’t be by your side
I know it’s confusing
Cuz we both assuming
I never imagined,
The breakup of our friendship
A friend like you is always in my heart with a special bond,
I don’t make bonds to break them
And I don’t want to be like your other friends
U are special to me…
There’s an amazing understanding in between us
So why always throw it away like a stupid dream,
I understand your thoughts,
But give it some time
There’s always a way
We’ll make it through
But again I’m not forcing you..
So think about it, with a calm mind
That who else we have to depend on,
That who else we have to share everything with..:'(💙💜✌

I temporarily named it “Memories in flashback”, because when I think of friends and friendships, it reminds me of the great moments we had together, flashbacks are all over your eyes and you just sitting there smiling like an idiot but somewhere its cute so let me know what you think of it alright…Stay blessed


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