Do you have any Regrets in life…?

I think in life you should never regret for things you couldn’t get or do, I believe it didn’t come to you or there was no way u could’ve  reached it because there’s a lesson behind or there’s a purpose behind it. Probably something better is waiting for u. Of course we all have that feeling that “we didn’t get it” I know it hurts but probably life is testing to see how much patience you have in order to get what u desire. You are going to have to go through alot of tasks in life that you may not realize or see. How many times a person is and will realize and every time they regret.  It will happen one time, second time..and then what you end up forgetting it or when ever your remember it u get hurt. Why not forget it forever. Why hurt yourself everytime. I think should be able to face it and take it and break it.That is not just going to make you strong, it will also change your perspective of thinking. However,  you need to be able learn from it and not repeat the mistake over again. Like I said earlier there’s always a lesson for us to learn. I understand this is not so simple, as long you have the positive energy and mind “watch you can face it”. Life gives you alot happy and sad both. It’s happening for a purpose , for you to not forget who the real you is, or you not to change.
Not everyone has regerts, regrets can be big and small, the small things you try to forget them and you will get through with it one day. Talking about the big regerts may include using your energy negatively, or behaving angry showing the wrong side of you that you are not, loosong it and end up feeling bad afterwards.
Regrets makes you think alot, you go in thinking and assume alot that you dnt know if it’s true, but you will do what your mind will tell you to do. And then you are stressed out for just over thinking. It can lead you to way beyond depression some cases suicide. Which is very serious.
All I’m going to say is respect everyone whom ever you are in touch with. Give respect get respect, and feel no regrets. What my point is never regret anything, you should be thankful for what you have in life, and if you didn’t get it you will be at the right time and soon, as long as you have that positive energy and a will do and get something. Trust me nobody can stop you from getting it.
Do share your thoughts, I’d love to know your opinion.
Have a blessed day 💙💪✌😚


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