Be You😆

When life gives you no option
And when you live with that pain
It hurts like a burning sun
Scars all over as an invisible lane
They say it’s perfection, No
Only you can feel the fading affection
You are not trusted by anyone indeed
Yet You cannot trust anyone..
They are full of lies, and a pile of made up stories ..
How can anyone stop this transaction..!!
You are to live by their guidelines So, How is it possible to live with 2 God’s directions…???
All life you have been through some terrible pain…
So why not move on and learn from those lessons..
Don’t let them harm you!!
Don’t let them over power you!!
Don’t let them make you the person you never want to…
They come and go, always ready for a new show…
Just deal evrything with positively
Cuz He’s always watching your heart full of sincerity…💟;)🍕🍟


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