My Words..

Heyy guyzzz ..I hope every single one of you had a great great summer….and sorry I haven’t been posting alot, but here i am back to writing. To be honest this just a regular journal entry, about how i spent my summer.
Two weeks before our last day of classes I believe it was Mother’s day May the 10th, unluckily I was working on the special day. On which i had big plans for my mom and I was excited. But things turned out to be rude and ugly at my work place. My supervisor wouldn’t let me leave early because of their personal matters between them and one of my coworker. And besides that it wasn’t even busy that day anyways moving along l, I got really upset and mad because of my supervisors stubbornness. And I decided that I will quit my job right after an hour or so this incident happened. Point is, Well i started my summer quitting my job. It was a great decision, it made me think about my future and how i should move on and not get humiliated and insulted where they have no such thing as respecting and valuing hardworkers. I didn’t want to be stuck at one job forever, I guess it was my time to get out of that circle. After leaving my job I learned big lessons about trust, honesty and having self respect. I am proud of my decision, and I’m glad I did it. Good thing is that I experienced alot job interviews and opportunities, I got to move a step ahead of where i was standing. As they say you won’t get to have some thing that means you alot unless you lose something. I closed one door behind me, and as I turn i see many doors unlocking and opening for me.
However, the beginning of the summer wasn’t quite hot, it was chilly and fresh. I went to the beach several times, with friends and family. Cooking is my favourite hobby, so I got to cook many cool new yum recipies.
And of course Ramadan was in the mid June as they follow the lunar calendar. It’s a Holy month for Muslims, in which they have to fast for 30 days, to show the faith and the love for ALLAH and his PROPHET (P.B.U.H), and in this Holy month Muslims were granted Holy book which is called Quran. Last but not least in this Holy month our Prophet (P.B.U.H)takes a tour in all seven heavens, that’s a specific special night. Anyways after the last day of fasting,  we the Muslims celebrate. That day is called “Eid-ul-fitr” in short Eid. We make sweets, Dress up, Get together, Greet and wish happiness to each other. I enjoyed my eid day, I made alot of sweet dishes, breakfast and etc. And our family went out for dinner. I loved it.
After Ramadan I got caught up again in searching for jobs, going for interviews, but I never gave up. I was also registered for the coming fall semester at my college. There were also  days where I completely slacked and was terribly lazy, stayed home enjoyed pizza with Netflix. One more thing I also started my own henna artistry. It’s one my favorite hobbies as well. I have made alot of designs, hopefully I will be sharing. So this was how i spent most of my summer. I learned alot of new things, new lessons, Great family bondings and job interview experiences.
I am hoping that all of you had a great great summer, much more exciting than mine, Do share exciting experiences because the floor open for any comments, thoughts or questions or ideas. It’s a bye for now. Stay blessed everyone. Don’t forget to smile.


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