First Day….

Hey everyone…I hope everyone had a great great summer, and a huge Welcome back to school…!!!How many of you are excited or not..:(??
One thing I want to mention before I start, A very big THANK YOU to all of you who visited my website and read my blogs and liked it. You always leave a very big smile on my face, when I get notified, and also when visitors outside from U.S visit and like my posts. Thank you all so much, I really truly appreciate with all my heart. I’m on top of the world right now, I feel amazing knowing that people like and visit my posts and agreeing my thoughts…I love you all.
So today i’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences about the first day of school, college, work etc. Here we are back to wearing responsibilities necklace and back to that annoying morning schedule, and of course smacking the crap out of your alarm clock. What’s with this first day? They say first impression Is the last impression, so another stress, which is very common I believe, What do I wear the first day i have no clothes? But you have to look the best, doesnt matter if all the other days you just wear the same sweatpants and shirts, right??Correct me if i am wrong. Now that’s everyone’s headache; unless you are assigned to wear uniform. Moreover, your nervous about interactions and the awkwardness. You always wanted an awesome first day. No matter the rest of the year you would slack, sleep, skip and not give a crap about school. My experience of the first is always awkward and nervous. Meeting new people is a night mare for me, but somehow I manage to get along. And I personally look forward to meet someone who has that kind of sense of humor that’s gets me. But when I spot my friends , I just go crazy excited, the joyous feeling is indescribable. So, here are some reviews of my closest friends that I would like to share with all of you since everyone has different perspectives and some crazy, funny experiences.

First day of school is always very exciting ! Whether it’s nervous excitement or just plain excitement. We all look forward to being back even if we don’t like to admit it. Being around your friends and being truely who you are is always a great feeling. Sometimes you can’t be yourself around your parents and school, college gives you that sense of being you when your out there. Let’s face it at work you have to be professional and it’s not always fun . So for me going first day is always filled with nervous excitement! And alot of it. Whose going to be in my class? who will my professor be ? Will the teacher/ professor be fun or strict ? Looking forward to meeting new people ! What am I going to wear ? These are the questions that come to mind before the day of class. Once I’m in college and siting in class that nervousness turns to the outspoken girl I am ! Then the real fun beings …..!
This review is from my loviest friend/sis/mom. We go to the same college. I met her in one of my favorite class Speech.DOLA DAOUD❤

Reading and knowing others point of view is very interesting. You get that sense of connection, that somehow you relate to it. And they have shared what you might have also gone through and your too shy to open up.

A hurricane of questions flow through your mind as you take the first step of your life. The first day of school, job, etc. Every step you take is always followed by a decision, a thought. You begin to feel left out. You begin to believe that you are the outcast. Yet, part of you wants to join! Part of you wants to be yourself and contribute. Then there’s another part of you that’s scared of people’s judgments. Afraid to be judged by your unique perspective. You start to observe how the people act. You may even realize that many are in a similar situation as you.Then, There’s that person. That one person you have an eye on all day thinking, that’s gonna be my friend. You see a person who acts and sees things similar from your perspective. You begin to feel a connection. A bond. Which you are eager to grow. Many stages come after that.
You befriend people. You laugh. You learn. Yet. You’ll always remember that one person of your first day who made you feel like less of an outcast.
As for me, it was a person who is my closest friend today!
This review is from my very own, blood related, classy and a little bit sassy younger sis AQSA JABEEN. She is a sophomore in RICHARD R. GREEN HIGH SCHOOL.❤🌹


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