How to get rid of Eye👀Bags👀

Hello,Salaam,Namaste,Hola,Aloha and welcome to my blog page where I share different topics and everyday scenarios through my eyes. So today I would like to share a beauty tip for you guys, which actually worked on me, I have tried it several times and  I definitely see a huge difference. 

Nowadays having eye bags is normal because of our daily life busy schedules, like college, work, stress, house work and etc. it is really hard to maintain everything while your surroundings are stressful and very very busy. I know most people say “oh, honey are you not getting enough sleep, you starting to have eyebags” don’t you hate it….because you in the morning tried your best to look fresh, for girls we hide it with lots of concealing products and foundation and stuff but guyz they have no products they basically have no choice. But don’t worry I have a tip for everyone, you can use this tip everyday or every other day depending on your skin. 

Ok so let’s get started….

All you need is Baking Soda, which you can get it from a regular grocery store. And a couple of drops of water… Yes it’s that’s simple..!!!

Take a tablespoon of baking soda, place it in a small deep plate and pour a couple of drops of water and start mixing it, until it’s a thick looking solution. All u gotta do is take the oppsite side on the spoon and start taking the solution and put right under you eye up until you see your eyebag, top to bottom and left to right. Once you have it on leave it until it dries. 

When it’s all dried up wash it with Luke warm water not cold not hot. And continue this process everyday or every other day, you will definitely see a change. 

That’s it for now guys, once again I thank you all all for taking your time and reading my blogs. Hope you all have a bless smiling, keep growing. Until next time😘


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