Last Day

February 13th, 2017…..Last day of work..Yeah it’s super weird leaving work and staying home. I never thought it would be annoying, so instead of home sick I’m work sick..-__-. Just the feeling of leaving work was killing me because I wouldn’t see my friends like every other day. It wouldn’t be the same. It was very hard saying all the goodbyes after I got attached to them so much. I still talk to them but knowing that I wouldn’t be able to work with them or go back is painfull. Although it was a honor to work with every single one of them including my managers my supervisors and all my seniors plus colleagues. I learned so much from them, I’ve gained so much experience and confidence among them. I tried my best to be the best of me. Honestly I actually am going to miss my team family, they were more than colleagues and seniors.

Another announcement I wanted to make was that currently I’m in New York. I have been living here since 8 years, the announcement is that I’m going back to my home country Pakistan. After 8 years, it does kind of feel weird going back. But equally I’m excited to go back and meet up with my high school and middle school friends, which most of them got married…-_-. And see my family as well. But why I’m feeling weird is going back all of a sudden, how am I going to adjust, and how will I leave everything here and everyone and just go back.i will try my best and I have made my mind already. Mentally I’m prepared but emotionally not at all. I’m not that scared it’s just im sad of leaving everything here and start life all over again.

Life puts you in weird situations, where sometimes you just can’t decide and you just can’t think straight. Maybe there are more lessons to learn. Maybe a little more to go through and more to scarifice. Or maybe there’s something better waiting out there. Can only hope for the best. Alrighty guys this was my regular journal because I haven’t been posting a lot of journal entries. I wish you all the best for your future and upcoming fun events and adventures. Remember keep learning and growing. And no matter where you are never forget to Smile😁


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