I Want

Salam Hello Namaste Aloha Hola, you guys!!! How you guys, hopefully doing perfect and all is well. Today I want to share a poem written by one of my dearest friend AMINA CHOUDARY. I recently found out that she writes some amazing deep heat touching poems, and of course I had to share it with all of you. I want you to carefully take your time and read it. Because that’s what I did, I felt like part of me could relate to this and feel the pain of what she suffered. It touched my heart as I was reading it last night couldn’t help my tears coming out of my eyes. I’m going to stop talking and let you read it. I hope you enjoy it. Do comment, like and tell me how can you relate to this piece. Because I love hearing from you guys. Any feedback, opinion, advice is welcome.

I want to scream at the sky that looks down on

me with a face so dark and blue

I want to stomp on the ground that holds me up

when I sometimes don’t want to

I want to run in a direction

that no one else is bound to ever follow

I want to tear out my heart out

so I can feel nothing but empty and hallow

I want to tell everyone

that he doesn’t deserves the air he breaths

 I want to cut myself sometimes

just to see if I still bleed

 I want to shower him

with the cold tears he helped me cry

I want him to sing and dance

at my funeral when I die

I want to jump into the waves

of a ocean so large and deep

I want to feel so numb that

I no longer feel all the pain I keep

I just want to close my eyes

and rest my tired soul

I just for once want to know

what it feels like to be whole.




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