….being with someone you love more of a “compromise” word, but in a slight good way. You do those little little things for them, just to see a smile on their faces. But love them Equally. Respect them for what they are, not force them to adapt a certain change. let them learn and them adapt, give them a chance to prove themselves. But if your with someone I don’t see the point of proving yourself to anyone. If you are not accepted they way you are I don’t think I call that a relationship. That’s mostly why I am against immature relationships. It’s get very complicated. I don’t know this is 100% my opinion I could be totally wrong about this, but it’s really not wrong to think right..?!!!

I have experienced this and unfortunately it did not work out. Believe me, it was not easy dealing with that. I think I should have the independence to give my views, opinions and my part in a relationship. I don’t know if it’s me but I don’t like being told how to live, how to sacrifice, how to act…!!!And most importantly lectures on family importance and if I should follow my dreams or not. I am independent, free minded person who enjoys every possible moment, laugh freely. But why one wants to ruin it by telling me and reminding me what my responsibilities are and what part I have to play in life that suddenly matters.

Anyways I wrote this little poem, while I was pretty pissed and upset for the choices I made. And after that I went around my friend circle and asked them the same question. What is relationship to you and what does society today portrays it as?

Why is it that I have to change

Why can’t I be accepted as I am

What happened, Why…???Is there

Something I have to be ashamed

Is it too much to ask, why is it so strange

Why so easy to point my flaws out

Question is why now…!!!??!!!

This is a response from a great friend of mine, David Watson…..let’s see what’s he said: 

I think it’s a balance of time and commitment. People take relationships for granted and in the end that’s how feelings get hurt. Some take it for granted. It’s just you think sometimes people need to evaluate what are the qualities you admire in that person. But it doesn’t hold me back . For me it’s mostly I want to know I can truly be there for that person. I hate hearing how someone cheated on their love ones.

Another response i got from a friend  Neftali Jabeen Rivera …let’s see what his views are:

So to me a relationship means that you have be with someone that you will absolutely give everything that you own and be willing to give that person all your time. You have to make sacrifices for the person that you are willing to be with and try to always be on the same page as a couple. There is a you as in you can worry about yourself still but you still need to worry about your significant other in your life.

The way society portrays a relationship? I believe that many people may see relationships as something. There really isn’t a way too pin point it. There are many different views that people can give you people who will be jealous of you or people who will support it in my opinion there’s just way too many voices to actually say that there’s a real way to view it.
And as how I feel being in a relationship? It is the best feeling ever. Having someone there to motivate you constantly, someone there to joke around with, having a person that you can tell anything too is amazing. I love being able to be a clown and always have someone to hold. I love knowing that I’m safe in there arms and I’m always going to provide for her. Honestly I couldn’t be anymore happy in my relationship and I look forward to many more memories we will create.

My advice… not BE in a relationship just for the title or the popularity, get in a relationship only if ur willing to do everything u can to keep them.

Here’s Kelvin, my colleagues response on relationships. Let’s read his views: 

I think nowadays relationships are viewed a lot due to physical attractions and honestly how financially stable you are, I think that society portrays relationships as perfection because Celebrities get more attention in social media, my advice from my past experience is to just be yourself and if you think you’re ready to be in one go ahead but there going to good and bad things so, in my perspective I think it’s best if you’ve been in a relationship, so you have experience of what it feels like before you get to a very serious commitment such as marriage.

My best friend Maria Lorena olmo also gave me her response, let’s see what she thinks:

For me honestly relationships is a blessing and hell because you have someone that cares for you and then you have to realize you are not single anymore and you can’t do the stuff you did before. Your locked in but in a good helps you grow and mature and learn from your previous mistakes.

Here’s another response from a close friend more like my elder sister Amina Choudary, let’s take a look at her views: 

 I think a relationship is a mutual feeling and expectation of certain commitments between two individuals. People believe that relationships are easy. But actual relationships are hard. You can never learn enough.

Actual relationships are work, sacrifice, and compromising. It’s putting someone before you and having their back at the same time. It’s always trying to keep a balance between receiving and giving love. But it’s also realizing sometimes when you want to receive you may at the moment have to be the one to give. And that lack of selfishness is a relationship. It’s growing and moving forward as a force together constantly building towards a future that’s more. A relationship is a stepping stone, that you have to step on over and over again to reach the one you love.

Now I have Nalini Marisa Basdeo response, she a very dearest friend of mine..and we started work together. So here she goes:

Relationships are great. As long as two ppl can make it work. N as along as they have what it takes to make it through both good n bad times. When it comes to society it’s least of their problems now cause times have changed. Modern times are moving faster just like how technology is. But that doesn’t mean romance or love have lost its touch. Or ppl don’t do the “open the door for their girl n hold hands kind of stuff.” It’s just that times have advanced so much that some people won’t know the true meaning of been together through it all. But as long as one person in the relationship can make it work n can fight for what it’s worth then there is no harm in trying as long as it can be 50/50 or as long as the each person can try n meet each other half way to make things work.

Every one will have their own thing about relationship but for me personally it’s all about been there 50/50 or half way atleast For each other, it’s basically a give and take situation.Society doesn’t really matter to most ppl these days cause ppl be dating n having relationship out of their own free will n own frame of mind without thinking about what society would think.

It’s all about love n how they feel for each other. Like for instance: age doesn’t matter, color doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, family n money n status n all of that doesn’t matter. Love still conquered it all. It still good over bad n truth over lies. As long as it’s true pure n real. Some relationships are about using each other, for sex or money or for position or status. Things like that obviously don’t last long. But as long as there is attraction n there is a feeling, then opposite attraction between male n female will eventually turn into something. Maybe a fling or a relationship or a deep connection of love that’s one of a kind that ppl show in movies n played in songs n it makes ur heart melt n ur eyes tears n ur body jump with joy every time ur with that person.

It all depends on how u feel as well. Well like I said it’s skit. Depends on every feeling with ppl. Cause every relationship is different with different ppl. No love is the same. It’s always the a different kind of feelings. It’s all about hope n faith. As long as u have faith those two it can make any thing happen. Just believe!!!

Another colleague of mine shared her opinion, which is my wifey Anita Canarte, let’s check it out:

An actual relationship is when you want to share every moment with someone that brings out the best in you and that motivates you to be happier and full of good vibes. Someone that you can look up to for comfort and guidance at times. And also someone that can love you regardless of all your flaws and still look at you and say “I’m lucky to have her”. What society portrays relationships to be is bad example. Because they make it seem that what’s important is money, a great body, and just dating and sleeping around with out thinking how that effects.


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