Hello viewers…How are you all, Hopefully alright. Today I want to talk about something positive and uplifting. The hope that everyone expects and wants to see at the end of the day after a tough time. My motive is to spread positivity and make everyone smile any way I can. I would like to share this piece I wrote which my best friend helped me for the most of it. I really hope you all enjoy it. Remember me in your prayers,. take care everyone


Looking up the sky

seeing sparkles reflecting my eyes

Locking up it’s light inside

Where no one can cry

 Hidden between my pride is the help that I seek for

Never more to conquer this world as for it

suffers of the silent tears running down from the universe

Therefore we look up to the sky blue air

And breathe once more

The oxygen is pure as a Bloomed flower

The clouds are the heaven of everyone and anything

Through those clouds there is a smile

A smile granted to anyone who is in pain

Feel the breeze through your hair and know that above the sky and clouds there is light

 A light that will shine and sparkle in your eyes and know you will be alright


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