Once She…

The pain that’s she feels just inside of her, 

She goes through so much yet,

She never shows or feels the need to share,

She made herself so stubborn and strong enough to take and deal with whatever’s in front of her,

Stubborn so much that nothing effects her,

She only feels for the ones that supported her all the way,

She cut everyone else off, she has been through so much,

Took so much shit from others that she has made herself hard as a rock,

Which has actually also helped her move on, stepping forward and believing in herself,

She so strongly beautiful that innocence will reflect from her soul,

Yet she’s ready to face any challenge,

Every where she goes she spreads her positivity,

She flies independently without looking back,

She’s a leader inspiring beautiful strong angels that follows her,

She makes you look forward to tomorrow yet reminds you to never stop living in the moment,

She’s always giving you hope, to never loose faith in yourself and to believe in your dreams,

To live now, live freely, live independent, live crazy, live memories, live yourself, live hard, live true, live love and Smile.


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