The Lion King(Broadway Musical)

OhMyGod..!!! My first broadway musical, I have no words to describe how amazing it was, but I’ll still tell you guyz…😂I took so many pictures I’ll be sharing all of them. But of course we were not allowed recording or pictures of the live performance. And I respect that, it should be that way but unlike some people in the audience they were taking pictures with flash on, the security was keep flashing there light on. Which was a little annoying, people need to respect the actors and other audiences as well. I mean are you here to record or watch. Anyways I personally had a great time. By The entrance it was super crowded, I guess it was sold out. We had to stay in line to show our tickets as we were stepping in the hall. As our tickets were scanned we had to go up not much steps but by also had escalators for elderly and mothers with kids. As I was going up behind me, up the wall there was a huge wooden lion king face, which was pretty awesome.

So now I’m up and I see groups of people trying to find the stage and there were agents helping people find the way and showing them their destination. Our stage hall was on the left side, up by the escalator. Behind me while I was going up was a beautiful abstract mirror art work which fascinated a lot of people, including me. Right across the art work there was the stage door where I saw a huge balcony full of approx +100 chairs. My seat was in the corner of the aisle top right, I think it was 141e(my seat number😉). As I was stepping in they handed each one of us a pamphlet which had all the information, other Broadway shows information and the characters were well described. After everyone was settled down and everyone got in and took their seats, we sat for 10mins and the lights went dim. The announcer welcomed all of us, my excitement grew more and more. Suddenly the lights went out and the stage was glowing like the only star on the sky, like it has everyone’s attention. The music started and one by one all the character came on the stage dancing and singing the title song of lion king. It was the best feeling ever.

I honestly enjoyed each and every performances, the stage movements, the costumes and the lighting. It was an amazing experience I wish to attend more broadway the end is the show they thanked everyone, the everyone showed them respect and congratulated them with a huge applause and stood up to show the performers how amazing they were. We were also suggested to show some more love to all of them to purchase a souvenir or face paints, it was pretty interesting. Well over all it was amazing. And I would love to attend more broadway musicals, and I highly suggest everyone to go watch it. Trust me it’ll be worth it. Thanks you so much for reading my response and views on my first broadway musical. I hope you enjoyed it. I wish all of you a wonderful day, and all the other days. Keep smiling😁


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