Always and forever together♥️



​We weren’t the closest

Nor the best

Unlike the rest we became a team

It seemed to me it will never work

But it did

From a simple conversation to a forever moment

8 years later we are one

Like the moon and sun

Together we form an eclipse, something that not everyone can stand.


Are you Serious

We are dangerous together madly insane madly adoration

Obviously love

Is not a word to say the feeling I have for you

love is not a strong enough vocubaly to express what you mean to me

You’re a living definition of a bestfriend

Without you I wouldn’t be me

Without you we wouldn’t be us

Without you I wouldn’t have strength, dignity, hope, faith and trust.


You’re my sister

Not by blood

But the bond we have.

Nobody break take us apart. I promise.

Thank you for being there…

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